PTE Dance Team

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The group was founded in February 2011, in order to be able to perform in the most various dance styles. The members are students of the University of Pécs who are well-trained dancers and happily spend their freetime at rehearsals and performances regularly. In many cases even the members of the team get the opportunity to make choreographies if they feel like it. 

Choreographies are made in several dance styles: eg. salsa, hip-hop, Latin-American dances, electric boogie, show dance, musical, swing, rock and roll, cheerleading, country-show, "palotás", classical ballet, contemporary dance, jazz dance, Argentine tango, contemporary folk dance, flamenco. Fashion shows, dance shows accompanied by live music and dancing statues can also be found in the program, as well as choreography teaching, dance courses and team building trainings.  

The team has had performances at university, city, regional and national events, has danced together with Hungarian actors, actresses, musicians and pop stars and has been the cheerleaders of basketball, football and dragon boat teams.

Their first own full-length dance show was presented in 2012, called Champagne-Dance-Memories.

The premiere of the family dance show called Fabulous... was in 2013, while Big Adventure Around Marriage in 2016. In 2017 they held a common dance show with the Ballet Pécs.

Official mentor of the PTE Dance Team is the Ballet Pécs.

Application is continuous for PTE students at the following e-mail address: