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Campaigns, projects     

     2005 Dancing University 5th Anniversary Gala and Guinness-Record Setting: We aimed to drive university citizens' attention to the colourful world of dance and joy of dancing by organizing an evening-length dance gala with numerous dance styles and invited dancers, plus setting the Guinness World Record of "The most people belly dancing simultaneously" with 267 registered participants. We offered students and employees a complex leisure-time activity: a cultural event together with the physical and social activity of dancing together.

     2010 Dancing University 10th Anniversary Jubilee Series of Events, Fashion Show, and Guinness-Record Setting: We aimed to drive the whole city's attention to the magic of dance and to offer people a 1-week-long program of leisure-time activities: dance teaching events, dance parties, flash mobs, dance photo exhibition, performances in the city, and a 6-hour-long gala at the main square of Pécs with fashion show, dance performances, and dance teaching. At the end of the gala we reset the Guinness World Record of "The most people belly dancing simultaneously" with 826 registered participants. It was also a charity event in the favour of the wheelchair dance group of Pécs. 

     2011 Flash mob at the Pécs National Theatre Festival: We organized a flash mob with more than 100 participants in downtown Pécs. At the end of our dance show dancers in the audience began dancing to amaze passers-by. It was a great success and could spread the love of dancing to strangers all around.     

     2011 PTE Dance Festival: We organized a national dance competition for amateurs in three dance categories (modern, folk, couple dance), two age categories (16-35, above 35), and in four group catgeories (solo, duo, small group, large group). With this event we could gather leisure-time dancers from all around the country and move even the audience with a flash mob.

     2012 PTE Dance Team: Champagne-Dance-Memories: dance show of life

     2013 PTE Dance Team: Fabulous...: family dance show     

     2013-2014 Fabulous...: We visited all primary schools in Pécs with a 1-hour-long interactive program to drive adults' attention to the importance of story-telling. At each school a well-known alumnus/alumna of the University of Pécs (athletes, actors, actresses, reporters, writers) told a tale to the children, a scene of which the PTE Dance Team performed in dance. They also taught a short funny dance to the kids that they performed together. We also collected books at every venue and at different places of the city but we received books from other parts of the country and from abroad as well. By the end of the campaign we had collected 3,500 books that were distributed among the school libraries and the funny choreography was performed by all school children at the campaign closing ceremony. 

     2014 Dancing in the City Dance Photo Series: The aim of this innitiative was to show that you can dance anything anywhere, any time. We took photos all around Pécs, at 44 cult, characteristic sites, using several dance styles from classical ballet to break, to salsa. We hope we could encourage people to dance freely just for fun. 

     2015 Fabulous City - Enchanting University Dance Photo Series: We had a photo shooting in the city again but this time in costumes of well-known fairy tale heroes of our Fabulous... campaign. Our aim was to drive children's attention to the funny and magical world of dance and encourage them to start dancing. 

     2015 Dancing University 15th Anniversary Jubilee Gala, Carnival, and Fashion Show: We invited all citizens of Pécs to our carnival marching on the streets towards the venue of our gala that paraded several dance styles, a dance fashion show, and a concert during which the audience was moved as well.

     2016 Selfie with us around the world: For promoting our new evening-length dance show dancers in costumes of the most diverse national dances like Chinese, Argentine Tango, Hungarian, Turkish, or Afro dance. We invited passers-by to dance and take a selfie with us at different parts of the city throughout a week.

     2016 PTE Dance Team: Great adventure around marriage: dance comedy

     2017 PTE1367 Memorial Running: Participants ran 1367 meters in remembrance of the foundation of the University of Pécs. After the running we had a dance teaching when all participants and passers-by were dancing at the main square of Pécs.

     2017 Dance with us at the University and College Students' National Touristic Meeting: We spent a week at this festival where we performed dance shows every day and made the audience dance as well therefore providing a physical-artistic leisure-time activity to them while partying.

     2017 By bye 650 Internatinal Dance Night: At the closing event of the University of Pécs 650 jubilee we held an international dance night with the performance of the PTE Dance Team and dance teaching with international students.

     2019 Sporty morning for employees with dances: In the progrm of the PTE for the Families we organized a morning with dances for employees of the University of Pécs, when they could try aerobics, breakness and rocky.     

     2019 Semester-closing dance party: We organized an evening for all participants of the 2019 fall semester where they could present what they had learnt during the semester and also try all other courses. Friends and relatives were invited who also learnt the new styles and danced together with the participants. 

     2020 Stay home, dance home and Digital Dance Studio: To urge on people staying home during the lockdown we created several dance videos to prove that you do not need to leave your home but can dance at home as well. These were partly entertaining videos since theatres were closed as well and no cultural events could be organized. We also offered teaching videos of 24 courses, all together more than 160 videos, including dances of international students of the university and videos for kids and seniors. Be our guest, Dance at home and be creative, Stay home and dance home, Keep the distance, Cheer UP

     2020 Apart but still together: A dance challenge offered for all Hungarian universities. We made an instructional video with a Hungarian and an international student that was communicated via social media and video sharing platforms to encourage university students to join and dance at home but still together.

     2020 You are cool in a mask too: With the help of the amazing, striking, or wonderful movements of different dance styles we drove attention to the importance of healthy lifestyle, wearing of maskssafety measures like keeping distance, hand sanitizing, avoiding handshakes, or sneezing etiquette, and safe travelling. We took fantastic, sometimes shoking photos at everyday-like places in ordinary situations but from an absolutely new perspective. We could even move others to join us and send us similar photos from all around the country and the world as well, from Brazil to Japan, Germany to Colombia. The photos could be seen in 195 Hungarian doctors' offices, 165 post offices, train stations, on trains, public media channels, and radio stations. The patron of the campaign was the Secretary of State for Higher Education.

     2021 You are cool in a mask too photo challenge: We announced a photo challenge in which high-school and university students could show how cool they were in a mask. The best 3 in both categories were awarded.

     2021 Let's dance: Participating in the World Leisure Organization's World Leisure Day with a theoretical presentation about the positive effects of dance on physical, psychological, cognitive, and social wellbeing and with a pratical part proving all the ones above. A short choreography was taught and practiced in different ways to move online participants physically, to improve their mood, to provide a cognitive challenge, and to feel the community even online.

     2021 World Leisure Organization - PTE Dance Parade: Two teachers offer warm up, some cool Latin, Flamenco, and Hip-hop steps, and cool down in 30 minutes.

     2021 PTE Clinical Center Heart Institute Jerusalema challenge: We taught the choreography to employees of the Institute and took part in directing the scenes during the shooting.

     2021 Let's Dance for Inclusion - The Complex Program of the PTE Dancing University: Presentation about the features of the Dancing University that support inclusion at the Inclusive Excellence and Inclusive Universities online conference.

     2022 PTE Green (Dance)steps: Our photo campaign presented the green actions of PTE and the pollution in our environment.

     2023 We took part in the "Sporty PTE" photo campaign that was created because the University of Pécs achieved the most scores at the Hungarian University and College National Championships in 2023 again.

We have taught dances at several youth festivals, sports events, camps, and orientation days all around the country.